As A Result Of Our Recent Customer Satisfaction Survey, We Have Implemented Quite A Few Of The Changes You Requested. The Most Frequently Asked For Improvement Was That You Only Wanted To Receive Emails On Topics You Were Really Interested In. Therefore We Have Segmented Our Single Membership List Into 12 Niches. So If You Are Interested In Weight Loss, You Won't Get Emails On Cryptocurrency, Which Is In The Finance Niche. Likewise, If You Are Into Video Games, You Won't Receive Emails On The NBA, Unless You Wish To Subscribe To The List Niche Covering the NBA, As Well. The Result Of This Change Will Mean Less Inbox Clutter And More Email Relevancy. We Have Changed The Name Of This Segment To The Healthy Living Team. However, If You Don't Like Our New Emphasis On Health Related Research And The Pursuit Of A Healthy Lifestyle, You Can Unsubscribe At The Bottom of This Page.