Put A Pro In Charge Of Building Your Next Wordpress Website And Prepare To Be Wowed!

What makes us different?

Aside from excelling in building responsive websites, we’ve had years of professional experience working with top-tier clients, on projects that have produced beautiful and highly responsive websites in every concievable niche. Not only will your site be amazing, but you will receive free video training from us that will help you make your new website a resounding success.

Most other website creators have the ability to make you a nice Wordpress site as well. But what then? Just putting a nice blog online is not going to make you any money unless you work at it. Most tasks are automated on your site but driving traffic takes a bit of work, although many of those tasks can be automated as well, as you will discover in the training videos. Although most website builders want you to be successful, they don't provide you with the tools to do so. We do. And that's what sets us apart. We are not going to leave you hanging. Initially, the five bonus video training courses that you receive for trusting us to build your site are all you need to be successful, along with a bit of desire and persistence, of course. If you watch the videos and apply the techniques, tricks and automation shortcuts you will learn there, you are almost guaranteeing your success. But like almost everything else in life, it's largely up to you.

We want you to be successful with the first wordpress site or sites we have built for you. That's why we provided you with the training video courses...to help you get there. We want you to be a long term client, using our services to acquire many more wordpress sites, until you have your own Wordpress Blog Empire. Then you can truly begin to live the 'laptop lifestyle', living and working any where in the world you desire, as long as you have wifi access...like at a beach hotspot for instance!



You've started with one or more Wordpress blogs now, but you don't want to stop there. With every future order you place with us, you will receive another set of training videos, so your internet marketing knowledge and skill will grow as you build your Wordpress Blog Empire. Should I dare say it...you may even become a 'guru' one day!


The Five Bonus Video Training Courses, Each Containing 10 or More Lessons, Are As Follows:

1. Affiliate Marketing With Clickbank
2. Email Marketing Fundamentals
3. Social Media Marketing
4. Generating Traffic To Your Blog
5. Youtube Traffic Methods

You will receive the follwing three helpful bonuses in addition to the five video training tutorials:

Access Zero Hour Work Days

How To Explode Your Youtube Channel

Effortless Facebook Profits


Watch this video to learn how to create a Wordpress website yourself.




Timestamps For The Wordpress Tutorial


00:00 Intro
03:00 Website Intro
13:45 Get Hosting
17:55 Install Wordpress
20:55 General Settings
27:36 Download Divi Theme
32:30 Start Designing Home Page
47:17 Web Design Tip #1
50:15 Home Page Creation
01:29:03 Web Design Tip #2
01:31:15 Import Complete Website
01:36:21 Web Design Tip #3
01:42:03 Theme Customizer + Divi Options
01:49:40 Mobile Optimization
01:58:16 Web Design Tip #4
02:03:16 Divi Theme Builder
02:24:20 Divi Advanced Options
02:37:58 Creative Divi Designs
02:39:49 Web Design Tip #5
02:42:55 Divi Marketplace
02:44:12 Divi Extensions
02:48:21 Divi Layouts
02:50:29 Divi Child Themes
02:54:03 Finished! Grab A Drink!


Whew...2 hours, 54 minutes and 38 seconds...and that's just watching the tutorial! In order to actually understand how to do it all, you will have to watch this video over and over and over... Building a website the correct way, as explained in the video, has a steep learning curve. Do you really want to spend the time doing all this on your own without really knowing if the finished product is going to be profitable? Why not let the professionals start building your Wordpress Blog Empire today at a cost so low it will astound you. And with your brand new highly responsive Wordpress Website, you will get the eight valuable bonuses listed above which will help you make it a profitable success! The best part is you get to choose the niche (topic) you want your website to be about, whether it is a hobby or your favorite interest or past time. Start your journey to join the laptop lifestyle community by CLICKING HERE NOW.